• Rebalancing the core front-end through HPC code analysis 

    Milic, Ugljesa; Carpenter, Paul; Rico, Alejandro; Ramirez, Alex (IEEE, 2016-10-10)
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    There is a need to increase performance under the same power and area envelope to achieve Exascale technology in high performance computing (HPC). The today's chip multiprocessor (CMP) design is tailored by traditional ...
  • RETHINK big: European roadmap for hardware anc networking optimizations for big data 

    Alioto, Gina; Carpenter, Paul; Cristal, Adrian; Unsal, Osman; Leich, Marcus; Avare, Christophe (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2017-05-15)
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    This paper discusses the results of the RETHINK big Project, a 2-year Collaborative Support Action funded by the European Commission in order to write the European Roadmap for Hardware and Networking optimizations for Big ...