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  • Connect the dot: computing feed-links for network extension 

    Speckmann, Bettina; Silveira, Rodrigo Ignacio; Aronov, Boris; Buchin, Kevin; Buchin, Maike; Jansen, Bart; De Jong, Tom; Kreveld, Marc van; Loffler, Maarten; Luo, Jun (2011-12-20)
    Open Access
    Road network analysis can require distance from points that are not on the network themselves. We study the algorithmic problem of connecting a point inside a face (region) of the road network to its boundary while ...
  • Median trajectories 

    Buchin, Kevin; Buchin, Maike; Kreveld, Marc van; Löffler, Maarten; Silveira, Rodrigo Ignacio; Wenk, Carola; Wiratma, Lionov (2012-05)
    Open Access
    We investigate the concept of a median among a set of trajectories. We establish criteria that a “median trajectory” should meet, and present two different methods to construct a median for a set of input trajectories. The ...
  • Processing aggregated data : the location of clusters in health data 

    Buchin, Kevin; Buchin, Maike; Kreveld, Marc van; Löffler, Maarten; Luo, Jun; Silveira, Rodrigo Ignacio (2012-07)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    Spatially aggregated data is frequently used in geographical applications. Often spatial data analysis on aggregated data is performed in the same way as on exact data, which ignores the fact that we do not know the actual ...
  • Region-based approximation of probability distributions (for visibility between imprecise points among obstacles) 

    Buchin, Kevin; Kostitsyna, Irina; Löffler, Maarten; Silveira, Rodrigo Ignacio (2014)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Let p and q be two imprecise points, given as prob- ability density functions on R 2 , and let R be a set of n line segments in R 2 . We study the problem of approximating the probability that p and q can see each other; ...