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  • Effects of muscle injury severity on localized bioimpedance measurements 

    Nescolarde Selva, Lexa Digna; Yanguas Leyes, Javier; Lukaski, Henry; Alomar, Xavier; Rosell Ferrer, Francisco Javier; Rodas Font, Gil (Institute of Physics (IOP), 2014-12-11)
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    Muscle injuries in the lower limb are common among professional football players. Classification is made according to severity and is diagnosed with radiological assessment as: grade I (minor strain or minor injury), grade ...
  • Level of hamstrings damage depending on force-generating capacity and creatine kinase activity 

    Carmona, Gerard; Alomar, Xavier; Mendiguchia, Jurdan; Serrano, David; Padullés, Josep Maria; Nescolarde Selva, Lexa Digna; Rodas Font, Gil; Cusso Calabuig, Roser; Guerrero, M.; Idoate, F.; Balius, Ramon; Cadefau, Joan (2014)
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    The aim of the present study was to categorize the eccentric exercise-induced hamstrings damage by using easy measurable markers such as force-generating capacity and serum creatine kinase activity
  • Localized BIA identifies structural and pathophysiological changes in soft tissue after post-traumatic injuries in soccer 

    Nescolarde Selva, Lexa Digna; Yanguas Leyes, Javier; Lukaski, Henry; Rodas Font, Gil; Rosell Ferrer, Francisco Javier (2014)
    Conference report
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    Localized bioimpedance (BIA) was measured with a single frequency phase-sensitive analyzer at 50 kHz in three post-traumatic types of injuries on four professional soccer players: (1) myositis ossificans, (2) intramuscular ...
  • Localized BIA in muscle injuries 

    Yanguas Leyes, Javier; Nescolarde Selva, Lexa Digna; Alomar, Xavier; Lukaski, Henry; Rodas Font, Gil (2013)
    Conference lecture
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