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  • Enzyme enhancement therapy through non-competitive pharmacological chaperones 

    Aymami Bofarull, Juan; Barril, Xavier; Delgado, Aida; Reves, Marc; Lavilla, Rodolfo; Higaki, Katsumi; García-Collazo, Anan Maria; Rodríguez-Pascau, Laura; Cubero, Elena; Pizcueta, Pilar; Martinell, Marc (2014)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Most Pharmacological chaperones (PC’s) described until now are substrate analogues which bind to the active site of the target protein. C ons e- quently, such PC’s also inhibit the target protein at higher concentrations ...
  • Uso de la cristalografia de rayos X en el Drug Discovery 

    Bonin, Irena; Martinell, Marc; Aymami Bofarull, Juan (2009-03-13)
    Open Access