• Leveraging 802.11n frame aggregation to enhance QoS and power consumption in Wi-Fi networks 

    Camps Mur, Daniel; Gomony, M.D.; Pérez Costa, Xavier; Sallent Ribes, Sebastián (2012-08-16)
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    The Wi-Fi technology, driven by its tremendous success, is expanding into a wide variety of devices and applications. However, many of these new devices, like handheld devices, pose new challenges in terms of QoS and ...
  • Real-time services in EPON 

    Garfias Hernandez, Paola; Sallent Ribes, Sebastián; Gutiérrez González, Lluís; Camps Mur, Daniel (2012)
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    This paper proposes an improved scheduling algorithm that optimizes the allocation of the real-time services and elastic flows in EPON by spreading the real-time service periods lowering the delay and thus fulfilling the ...
  • Virtual APs (vAPs) for eduroam 

    Surroca, Silvia; Seyfettin Demirkol, Ilker; Camps Mur, Daniel; Tuminauskas, Raimundas; Oltuszyk, Zbigniew (2016)
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    This work studies the application of the virtual Access Point (vAP) technology to the eduroam [1] service. The vAP technology is based on instantiating multiple Access Point instances over a single physical WLAN radio, ...