• Contributions to QoS and energy efficiency in wi-fi networks 

    Camps Mur, Daniel (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2012-01-19)
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    The Wi-Fi technology has been in the recent years fostering the proliferation of attractive mobile computing devices with broadband capabilities. Current Wi-Fi radios though severely impact the battery duration of these ...
  • Enabling always on service discovery: WI-FI neighbor awareness networking (NAN) 

    Camps Mur, Daniel; García Villegas, Eduard; López Aguilera, M. Elena; Loureiro, Paulo; Lambert, Paul; Raissinia, Ali (2015-04-01)
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    There is untapped potential in the WiFi radios embedded in our smartphone and tablet devices. In this article we introduce the WiFi Neighbor Awareness Networking technology being standardized in the WiFi Alliance (R), which ...
  • Evaluation of dynamic sensitivity control algorithm for IEEE 802.11ax 

    Afaqui, Muhammad Shahwaiz Iqbal; García Villegas, Eduard; López Aguilera, M. Elena; Smith, Graham; Camps Mur, Daniel (2015)
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    The explosive growth in the usage of IEEE 802.11 network has resulted in dense deployments in diverse environments. Most recently, the IEEE working group has triggered the IEEE 802.11ax project, which aims to amend the ...
  • Leveraging 802.11n frame aggregation to enhance QoS and power consumption in Wi-Fi networks 

    Camps Mur, Daniel; Gomony, M.D.; Pérez Costa, Xavier; Sallent Ribes, Sebastián (2012-08-16)
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    The Wi-Fi technology, driven by its tremendous success, is expanding into a wide variety of devices and applications. However, many of these new devices, like handheld devices, pose new challenges in terms of QoS and ...
  • Real-time services in EPON 

    Garfias Hernandez, Paola; Sallent Ribes, Sebastián; Gutiérrez González, Lluís; Camps Mur, Daniel (2012)
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    This paper proposes an improved scheduling algorithm that optimizes the allocation of the real-time services and elastic flows in EPON by spreading the real-time service periods lowering the delay and thus fulfilling the ...