• Scalability analysis of progressive alignment in a multicore 

    Isaza, Sebastian; Sánchez Castaño, Friman; Gaydadjiev, Georgi; Ramírez Bellido, Alejandro; Valero Cortés, Mateo (IEEE Press. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010)
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    Sequence alignment is a fundamental instrument in Bioinformatics. In recent years, numerous proposals have been addressing the problem of accelerating this class of applications. This, due to the rapid growth of sequence ...
  • The SARC architecture 

    Gaydadjiev, Georgi; Isaza, Sebastian; Ramírez Bellido, Alejandro; Cabarcas, Felipe; Juurlink, Ben; Álvarez Mesa, Mauricio; Sánchez Castaño, Friman; Azevedo, Arnaldo; Meenderinck, Cor; Ciobanu, Catalin (2010-10)
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    The SARC architecture is composed of multiple processor types and a set of user-managed direct memory access (DMA) engines that let the runtime scheduler overlap data transfer and computation. The runtime system automatically ...