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  • Unmixing compositional data with Bayesian techniques 

    Tolosana Delgado, Raimon (Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numèrics en Enginyeria (CIMNE), 2011)
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    A general problem in compositional data analysis is the unmixing of a composition into a series of pure endmembers. In its most complex version, one does neither know the composition of these endmembers, nor their relative ...
  • Uses and misuses of compositional data in sedimentology 

    Tolosana Delgado, Raimon (2012-12)
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    This paper serves two goals. The first part shows how mass evolution processes of different nature become undistinguishable once we take a size-limited, noisy sample of its compositional fingerprint: processes of exponential ...
  • Wave height data assimilation using non-stationary kriging 

    Tolosana Delgado, Raimon; Egozcue Rubí, Juan José; Sánchez-Arcilla Conejo, Agustín; Gómez Aguar, Jesús Javier (2011-03)
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    Data assimilation into numerical models should be both computationally fast and physically meaningful, in order to be applicable in online environmental surveillance. We present a way to improve assimilation for computationally ...