• An algebraic framework for Diffie–Hellman assumptions 

    Escala Ribas, Alex; Herold, Gottfried; Kiltz, Eike; Ràfols Salvador, Carla; Villar Santos, Jorge Luis (2015-10-22)
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    We put forward a new algebraic framework to generalize and analyze Diffie-Hellman like Decisional Assumptions which allows us to argue about security and applications by considering only algebraic properties. Our D`,k-MDDH ...
  • Constant size ciphertexts in threshold attribute-based encryption 

    Herranz Sotoca, Javier; Laguillaumie, Fabien; Ràfols Salvador, Carla (Springer Verlag, 2010)
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    Attribute-based cryptography has emerged in the last years as a promising primitive for digital security. For instance, it provides good solutions to the problem of anonymous access control. In a ciphertextpolicy attribute-based ...
  • Matrix computational assumptions in multilinear groups 

    Morillo Bosch, M. Paz; Ràfols Salvador, Carla; Villar Santos, Jorge Luis (2015-04-20)
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    We put forward a new family of computational assumptions, the Kernel Matrix Di e- Hellman Assumption. Given some matrix A sampled from some distribution D `;k , the kernel as- sumption says that it is hard to nd \in the exponent