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  • Environmental engineering education in Spain 

    Rodríguez Roda, Ignasi; Castells Piqué, Francesc; Flotats Ripoll, Xavier; Lema Rosas, Juan Manuel; Tejero, Ignacio (2004)
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  • Service oriented fast prototyping environment for UAS missions 

    Royo Chic, Pablo; López Rubio, Juan; Tristancho Martínez, Joshua; Lema Rosas, Juan Manuel; López, Borja; Pastor Llorens, Enric (2010)
    Conference report
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    This paper introduces a simulation architecture to evaluate the implementation of a va- riety of civil UAS missions with little recon guration time and overhead. This architecture, called Icarus Simulation Integrated ...
  • UAS architecture for forest fire remote sensing 

    Royo Chic, Pablo; Pastor Llorens, Enric; Solé, M.; Lema Rosas, Juan Manuel; López Rubio, Juan; Barrado Muxí, Cristina (2011)
    Conference report
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    This paper presents the hardware/software architecture of the Sky-Eye UAS prototype. In particular it details the hardware of the prototype, its operational concept and the software avionics architecture. The software ...