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  • Crystal structure of a complex of DNA with one AT-hook of HMGA1 

    Fonfria Subirós, Elsa; Acosta Reyes, Francisco Javier; Saperas Plana, Núria; Pous, Joan; Subirana Torrent, Juan A.; Campos López, Josefina de Lourdes (2012-05-16)
    Open Access
    We present here for the first time the crystal structure of an AT-hook domain. We show the structure of an AT-hook of the ubiquitous nuclear protein HMGA1, combined with the oligonucleotide d(CGAATTAATTCG)2, which has two ...
  • Estudios Estructurales de Oligonucleótidos Ricos en Adeninas y Timinas 

    Acosta Reyes, Francisco Javier (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2011-02)
    Master thesis
    Restricted access - author's decision
    En este trabajo se llevan a cabo estudios de diferentes oligonucleótidos de secuencias presentes en zonas no codificantes con alto contenido de adeninas y timinas. Uno de los objetivos principales del proyecto era el ...
  • In and out of the minor groove: Interaction of an AT-rich DNA with the drug CD27 

    Acosta Reyes, Francisco Javier; Dardonville, Cristophe Y.; De Koning, Harry Pieter; Natto, Manal J.; Subirana, Juan Antonio; Campos López, Josefina de Lourdes (2014-06)
    Open Access
    The DNA of several pathogens is very rich in AT base pairs. Typical examples include the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum and the causative agents of trichomoniasis and trypanosomiases. This fact has prompted studies ...
  • Polymorphic crystal structures of an all-AT DNA dodecamer 

    Acosta Reyes, Francisco Javier; Subirana, Juan Antonio; Pous, Joan; Sanchez-Giraldo, Raquel; Condom, Núria; Baldini, Roberto; Campos López, Josefina de Lourdes; Malinina, Lucy (Wiley, 2015-03)
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    In this work, we explore the influence of different solvents and ions on the crystallization behavior of an all-AT dodecamer d(AATAAATTTATT)2 In all cases, the oligonucleotides are found as continuous columns of stacked ...
  • Structure of the DNA duplex d(ATTAAT)(2) with Hoogsteen hydrogen bonds 

    Acosta Reyes, Francisco Javier; Subirana, Juan Antonio; Campos López, Josefina de Lourdes; Alechaga, Elida (2015-03-17)
    Open Access
    The traditional Watson-Crick base pairs in DNA may occasionally adopt a Hoogsteen conformation, with a different organization of hydrogen bonds. Previous crystal structures have shown that the Hoogsteen conformation is ...
  • Two high-mobility group box domains act together to underwind and kink DNA. 

    Sánchez Giraldo, Raquel; Acosta Reyes, Francisco Javier; Malarkey, Christopher S.; Saperas Plana, Núria; Churchill, Mair E. A.; Campos López, Josefina de Lourdes (2015-07-02)
    Open Access
    High-mobility group protein 1 (HMGB1) is an essential and ubiquitous DNA architectural factor that influences a myriad of cellular processes. HMGB1 contains two DNA-binding domains, box A and box B, which have little ...