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  • GPR resolution in cultural heritage applications 

    Pérez Gracia, María de la Vega; Capua, Daniel di; González Drigo, José Ramón; Caselles Magallón, Josep Oriol; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; Salinas Naval, Víctor (2010-06-21)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The non-destructive study of historical buildings, archaeological sites and other Cultural Heritage structures requires high resolution methodologies and a good knowledge of the potential of the different methods. Laboratory ...
  • Nanozonation in dense cities : testing a combined methodology in Barcelona City (Spain) 

    Salinas Naval, Víctor; Caselles Magallón, Josep Oriol; Pérez Gracia, María de la Vega; Santos Assunçao, Sonia; Clapes Boixader, Jaime; Pujades Beneit, Lluís; González Drigo, José Ramón; Canas Torres, José Antonio; Martínez Sánchez, Joan (2014-01-02)
    Open Access
    Microzonation is widely used in seismic risk evaluations to define the predominant period values, which are usually associated with extended areas of a few hundred meters. However, the representative values corresponding ...