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  • A framework for robotized teleoperated tasks 

    Basañez Villaluenga, Luis; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Nuño Ortega, Emmanuel; Portilla Rodríguez, Henry (Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de la Universidad de Sevilla, 2011)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Teleoperation systems allow the extension of the human operator’s sensing and manipulative capability into a remote environment to perform tasks at a distance, but the time-delays in the communications affect the stability ...
  • Finding grasping configurations of a dexterous hand and an industrial robot 

    Rosell Gratacòs, Jan; Sierra, Xavier; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl (2004-10)
    External research report
    Open Access
    Given an industrial robot equipped with a dexterous hand and an object to be grasped with four grasping points determined on its faces, this paper deals with the problem of finding the joint configurations that allow to ...
  • Nonlinear control and geometric constraint enforcement for teleoperated task execution 

    Rodríguez Tsouroukdissian, Adolfo; Nuño Ortega, Emmanuel; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Basañez Villaluenga, Luis (2010)
    Conference report
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    This work presents a multimodal teleoperation framework that makes use of novel tools and techniques, such as: nonlinear teleoperators control, for ensuring position tracking in the presence of variable time-delays; ...
  • The Kautham Project: A teaching and research tool for robot motion planning 

    Rosell Gratacòs, Jan; Pérez Ruiz, Alexander; Akbari, Aliakbar; Ud Din, Muhayy; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; García Hidalgo, Néstor (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    This paper presents the software tool used at the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC-UPC) for teaching and research in robot motion planning. The tool allows to cope with problems with one or more robots, ...