• Language technologies: question answering in speech transcripts 

    Turmo Borras, Jorge; Surdeanu, Mihai; Galibert, Olivier; Rosset, Sophie (Springer-Verlag, 2009-05-31)
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    The Question Answering (QA) task consists of providing short, relevant answers to natural language questions. Most QA research has focused on extracting information from text sources, providing a the shortest relevant text ...
  • Projective dependency parsing with perceptron 

    Carreras Pérez, Xavier; Surdeanu, Mihai; Màrquez Villodre, Lluís (2010)
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    We describe an online learning dependency parser for the CoNLL-X Shared Task, based on the bottom-up projective algorithm of Eisner (2000). We experiment with a large feature set that models: the tokens involved in ...
  • SVMs for the temporal expression chunking problem 

    Poveda Poveda, Jordi; Surdeanu, Mihai (2006-11)
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    This technical report provides a description of the Temporal Expression Chunking problem, which consists in finding the mentions of temporal expressions in free text documents, and reports on the results obtained using SVM ...
  • TALP-UPC at TREC 2005: Experiments using voting scheme among three heterogeneous QA systems 

    Ferrés Domènech, Daniel; Kanaan Izquierdo, Samir; González Pellicer, Edgar; Ageno Pulido, Alicia; Fuentes Fort, Maria; Rodríguez Hontoria, Horacio; Surdeanu, Mihai; Turmo Borras, Jorge (2005)
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    This paper describes the experiments of the TALP-UPC group for factoid and ’other’ (definitional) questions at TREC 2005 Main Question Answering (QA)task. Our current approach for factoid questions is based on a voting ...
  • Using Evolutive Summary Counters for Efficient Cooperative Caching in Search Engines 

    Domínguez Sal, David; Aguilar Saborit, Josep; Surdeanu, Mihai; Larriba Pey, Josep (2012-04)
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