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  • Ensemble radar precipitation estimation for nowcasting and hydrology in the Alps 

    Germann, Urs; Hering, Alessandro; Berenguer Ferrer, Marc; Sempere Torres, Daniel; Salvadè, Georges (2006)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    This paper explores the novel idea of generating ensables of radar precipitation estimates.
  • Improving risk management for flash floods and debris flow events 

    Uijlenhoet, Remko; Sempere Torres, Daniel; Velasco Montes, David; Berenguer Ferrer, Marc; Bateman Pinzón, Allen; Germann, Urs; Thielen, Jutta; Beven, K.; Zappa, Massimiliano; Demarchi, M.; Bertoli, M.; Gaechter, M.; Velasco, E.; Wittwer, C.; Sánchez-Diezma Guijarro, Rafael; Vilaclara, E.; Pegram, Geoffrey; Papa, M.; Escaler, I.; Lombardi, G.; Santiago, A.; Zawadzki, Isztar (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010)
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  • REAL - Ensemble radar precipitation estimation for hydrology in a mountainous region 

    Germann, Urs; Berenguer Ferrer, Marc; Sempere Torres, Daniel; Zappa, Massimiliano (2009-02-06)
    Open Access
    An elegant solution to characterise the residual errors in radar precipitation estimates is to generate an ensemble of precipitation fields. The paper proposes a radar ensemble generator designed for usage in the Alps using ...