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  • Further topics in connectivity 

    Balbuena Martínez, Maria Camino Teófila; Fàbrega Canudas, José; Fiol Mora, Miquel Àngel (CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, 2013-12-05)
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    Continuing the study of connectivity, initiated in §4.1 of the Handbook, we survey here some (sufficient) conditions under which a graph or digraph has a given connectivity or edge-connectivity. First, we describe results ...
  • On the algebraic theory of pseudo-distance-regulariry around a set 

    Fiol Mora, Miquel Àngel; Garriga Valle, Ernest (Elsevier, 1999-09)
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    Let C be a connected graph with vertex set V, adjacency matrix A, positive eigenvector and corresponding eigenvalue 0. A natural generalization of distance-regularity around a vertex subset C V , which makes sense ...
  • On the generalitzed arc routing problem 

    Fernández Aréizaga, Elena (2013)
    Conference report
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  • Some results on the structure of multipoles in the study of snarks 

    Fiol Mora, Miquel Àngel; Vilaltella Castanyer, Joan (2015-02-25)
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    Multipoles are the pieces we obtain by cutting some edges of a cubic graph in one or more points. As a result of the cut, a multipole M has vertices attached to a dangling edge with one free end, and isolated edges with ...
  • The Maximum degree of series-parallel graphs 

    Drmota, Michael; Giménez Llach, Omer; Noy Serrano, Marcos (2011-07)
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    We prove that the maximum degree Δn of a random series-parallel graph with n vertices satisfies Δn/ log n → c in probability, and EΔn ∼ c log n for a computable constant c > 0. The same kind of result holds for 2-connected ...
  • Una fórmula explícita para obtener cuadrángulos generalizados y otros grafos pequeños de cintura 8 

    Abreu, M.; Balbuena Martínez, Maria Camino Teófila; Araujo Pardo, M. Gabriela; Labbate, D. (Universidad de Almería, 2011)
    Conference report
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    Para cada potencia de primo q, se han constru do (q+1; 8)-jaulas como super cies cu adricas no degeneradas en 4-espacios proyectivos P(4; q). En primer lugar presentamos una construcci on de estos grafos de un modo ...