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  • Review of GNSS-R instruments and tools developed at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya-Barcelona Tech 

    Camps Carmona, Adriano José; Marchán Hernández, Juan Fernando; Bosch Lluís, Xavier; Rodríguez Álvarez, Nereida; Ramos Pérez, Isaac; Valencia Domènech, Enric; Tarongí Bauzá, José Miguel; Hyuk, Park; Carreño Luengo, Hugo; Alonso Arroyo, Alberto; Pascual Biosca, Daniel; Onrubia Ibáñez, Raúl; Forte Veliz, Giuseppe Francesco; Querol Borràs, Jorge (2014)
    Conference lecture
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    Reflectometry using Global Navigation Satellite System's signals of opportunity (GNSS-R) was originally conceived in the early 90s for mesoscale altimetry, and since then, many studies have shown its applicability to other ...