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  • Development of a decision support system for optimization of the performance of sailing yachts 

    García Espinosa, Julio; Ortigosa Barragán, Inma; Fernandez, A (2015-01-01)
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    In this paper, the conception and design of a new monitoring system for a racing yachts rig is presented. The sensors developed are able to process the measured strain data, by applying artificial neural networks (ANN) ...
  • Development of a wireless network model for controling environmental and work safety in ports of developing countries 

    Colomer Rodriguez, Joan (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2015-06)
    Bachelor thesis
    Open Access
    The project goal is to propose cost effective and feasible scenarios of employing Wireless Network Sensors (WSN) in improving occupational health and safety at harsh industrial environment. The Port of Bar (Montenegro) is ...
  • Diseño, desarrollo y test de una red inalámbrica de sensores para medir la humedad del terreno 

    Alonso Arroyo, Alberto (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2011-09-08)
    Master thesis (pre-Bologna period)
    60 months embargo
    English: Measuring soil moisture in an area of land is a problem that has been trying to be solved efficiently for a long time since water is not a wasteful resource, for example, in agriculture. In addition, probes to ...
  • How to implement doubly-stochastic matrices for consensus-based distributed algorithms 

    Valcarcel Macua, Sergio; Moreno Leon, Carlos; Samuel Romero, Jhoan; Silva Pereira, Silvana; Zazo Muncharaz, Javier; Pagès Zamora, Alba Maria; López Valcarce, Roberto; Zazo Bello, Santiago (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
    Conference report
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    Doubly-stochastic matrices are usually required by consensus-based distributed algorithms. We propose a simple and efficient protocol and present some guidelines for implementing doubly-stochastic combination matrices even ...
  • Interoperability and sensor communications in Help4Mood: Personal monitoring system to support the treatment of depression 

    Estevez Cruz, Soraya; Aragones, Carlos; Pérez Díaz de Cerio, David; Ruiz Boqué, Sílvia (IADIS Press, 2013)
    Conference report
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    Help4Mood aims to develop a platform to support the treatment of people with depression in their own home. Depression is one of the main causes of disability worldwide. For depression, it is essential to have a continuous ...
  • Network robot systems 

    Sanfeliu Cortés, Alberto; Hagita, Norihiro; Saffiotti, Alessandro (Elsevier BV, North-Holland, 2008)
    Open Access
    This article introduces the definition of Network Robot Systems (NRS) as is understood in Europe, USA and Japan. Moreover, it describes some of the NRS projects in Europe and Japan and presents a summary of the papers of ...
  • Planning, supervision and automatic irrigation software tool for fruit tree crops 

    Candela Farré, Ferran (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2013-12-10)
    Master thesis (pre-Bologna period)
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    [ANGLÈS] The Master Thesis has been developed as one of the main blocks of the EFFIDRIP project. The EFFIDRIP project addresses the technical gap that prevents next-generation irrigation management systems from reaching ...
  • Smart cities as an application of internet of things: experiences and lessons learnt in Barcelona 

    Gea, Tomas; Paradells Aspas, Josep; Lamarca, Mariano; Roldan, David (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2013)
    Conference report
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    Internet of things is a ubiquitous technology that will be present everywhere. One of the first applications will be smart cities. Cities are growing in population and citizens demand better services from the administration ...
  • Standardization for interoperable autonomous smart sensors in the future energy grid system 

    Higuera Portilla, Jorge Eduardo; Polo Cantero, José (IEEE, 2011)
    Conference lecture
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    A hierarchy to reach the inter operability of future smart energy grid system is proposed by introducing compliant levels in a pyramidal model. Interoperability layers in this approach was modeled using a button-top approach, ...
  • The MAGCLOUD wireless sensor network 

    Cuartero Moya, Narciso; Quintana Alcaraz, Sergio (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2011-07-04)
    Master thesis
    Open Access
    Initially, the aim of this project consisted in manufacturing some nodes for a wireless sensor network by hand. If this document concludes that they can be properly produced in the EETAC lab, the cost of a future large ...