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  • Diseño de antenas multibanda para telefonía móvil mediante la manipulación del plano de masa 

    Picher, C.; Anguera Pros, Jaume; Cabedo, Arnau; Ribó, Miquel; Pijoan, Joan L.; Puente Baliarda, Carles (2007)
    Conference report
    Open Access
  • Multi-band handset antenna combining a PIFA, solts, and ground plane modes 

    Cabedo, Arnau; Anguera, Jaume; Picher, C.; Ribó, Miquel; Puente Baliarda, Carles (2009)
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    A multiband handset antenna combining a PIFA and multiple slots on a ground plane is presented. It is shown by means of simulations that the slots on the ground plane have a double function: to tune the ground plane resonance ...
  • Multiband handset antennas by means of groundplane modification 

    Anguera Pros, Jaume; Cabedo, Arnau; Picher, Cristina; Sanz, Ivan; Ribó, Miquel; Puente Baliarda, Carles (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2007)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    A technique consisting in designing the groundplane of a handset antenna is presented. The technique is applied to PIFA antennas to show how the bandwidth can be enhanced. Particularly, a dual-band PIFA operating at GSM900 ...