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  • The effect of heat treatment on hardness and drye wear properties of a semisolid processed aluminium alloy 

    Menargues Muñoz, Sergi; Campillo Betbese, Manel; Baile Puig, Maria Teresa; Picas Barrachina, Josep Anton; Forn Alonso, Antonio (2009-04)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Semisolid AlSiMg casting alloys are attractive alternatives for automotive and aeronautical applications. In this work the effects of heat treatments on hardness and tribological properties of A356 aluminium alloy obtained ...
  • The effect of injection conditions on the structural integrity of the components produced by semi-solid Rheocasting. 

    Campillo Betbese, Manel; Baile Puig, Maria Teresa; Menargues Muñoz, Sergi; Forn Alonso, Antonio (2010-04)
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    This work is a contribution to improve understanding about the behaviour of components produced by semi-solid processes. The present study shows the effect of different conformation parameters on automotive cranking cover ...
  • Thixoextrusion of A357 aluminium alloy 

    Forn Alonso, Antonio; Vaneetveld, Gregory; Pierret, Jean-Christophe; Menargues Muñoz, Sergi; Baile Puig, Maria Teresa; Campillo Betbese, Manel; Rassili, Ahmed (2010-09)
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    The aim of this work is to attempt the application of A357 Al-Si-Mg cast alloy in the thixoextrusion process, evaluating the different forming parameters effect. Thixoextrusion offers several advantages compared with ...