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  • Locally-adaptive texture compression 

    Andújar Gran, Carlos Antonio; Martínez Bayona, Jonás (2009)
    Conference report
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    Current schemes for texture compression fail to exploit spatial coherence in an adaptive manner due to the strict efficiency constraints imposed by GPU-based, fragment-level decompression. In this paper we present a texture ...
  • Skeletal representations of orthogonal shapes 

    Martínez Bayona, Jonás; Pla García, Núria; Vigo Anglada, Marc (2013-07-01)
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    Orthogonal shapes are polygons orpolyhedra enclosed byaxis-aligned edges orfaces, respectively. Inthis paper wepresent two skeletal representatio nsoforthogonal shapes: the cube skeleton and a family ofskeletal represe ...
  • Skeleton computation of an image using a geometric approach 

    Martínez Bayona, Jonás; Vigo Anglada, Marc; Pla García, Núria; Ayala Vallespí, M. Dolors (2010)
    Conference lecture
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    In this work we develop two algorithms to compute the skeleton of a binary 2D image. Both algorithms follow a geometric approach and work directly with the boundary of the image which is an orthogonal polygon (OP). One ...
  • Skeleton computation of orthogonal polyhedra 

    Martínez Bayona, Jonás; Vigo Anglada, Marc; Pla García, Núria (North Holland, 2011-08)
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    Skeletons are powerful geometric abstractions that provide useful representations for a number of geometric operations. The straight skeleton has a lower combinatorial complexity compared with the medial axis. Moreover, while ...