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  • Preliminary approach to Lyapunov sampling in CAN-based networked control systems 

    Yépez Castillo, José Gregorio; Lozoya, Camilo; Velasco García, Manel; Martí Colom, Pau; Fuertes Armengol, José Mª (IEEE Press. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009)
    Conference report
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    This paper presents a preliminary approach to networked control systems (NCS) that relies on an event-driven control method based on Lyapunov sampling. The goal is to study and develop approaches for NCS capable of offering ...
  • Qualitative analysis of a one-step finite-horizon boundary for event-driven controllers 

    Velasco García, Manel; Martí Colom, Pau; Yépez Castillo, José Gregorio; Ruiz Vegas, Francisco Javier; Fuertes Armengol, José Mª; Bini, Enrico (IEEE, 2011)
    Conference lecture
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    Performance optimization for networked and embedded control systems refers to the ability of minimizing controllers’ resource utilization and/or improving control performance. Event-driven control has been shown to be ...
  • Schedulability Analysis for CAN-based Networked Control Systems with Dynamic Bandwidth Management 

    Velasco García, Manel; Martí Colom, Pau; Yépez Castillo, José Gregorio; Villa Millaruelo, Ricardo; Fuertes Armengol, José Mª (2009)
    Conference report
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    This paper presents the schedulability analysis for control messages when networked control loops, built on top of the controller area network (CAN), are dynamically allocating bandwidth in terms of their controlled plants' ...