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  • A highly-repeatable, broadband 180º phase switch for integrated MEMS processes 

    Llamas Morote, Marco Antonio; Girbau Sala, David; Ribó, M.; Pradell i Cara, Lluís; Giacomozzi, Flavio; Colpo, S.; Coccetti, Favio; Aouba, Stephane (2011)
    Conference report
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    A broadband 0º/180º phase switch based on a slotline-coplanar-waveguide cross loaded with two MEMS switches in opposed (ON/OFF or OFF/ON) states, is reported. The fabrication was made on high-resistivity silicon substrates ...
  • Capacitive and resistive RF-MEMS switches 2.5D & 3D Electromagnetic and Circuit modelling 

    Giacomozzi, Flavio; Colpo, S.; Plana, Robert; Llamas Morote, Marco Antonio; Girbau Sala, David; Pausas, Esther; Pradell i Cara, Lluís; Aouba, Stephane; Villneuve, C.; Puyal, Vincent; Pons, Patrick (2009)
    Conference report
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    this paper proposes different strategies for the electrical modelling of capacitive and resistive RF-MEMS switches which take into account the dependence of the electrical performance on the mechanical properties and ...