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  • Real-time GPU-based face detection in HD video sequences 

    Oro, David; Fernández, Carles; Rodriguez Saeta, Javier; Martorell Bofill, Xavier; Hernando Pericás, Francisco Javier (2011)
    Conference lecture
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    Modern GPUs have evolved into fully programmable parallel stream multiprocessors. Due to the nature of the graphic workloads, computer vision algorithms are in good position to leverage the computing power of these ...
  • Semantic annotation of complex human scenes for multimedia surveillance 

    Fernández, Carles; Baiget, Pau; Roca, Francesc Xavier; Gonzàlez, Jordi (Springer, 2007)
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    A Multimedia Surveillance System (MSS) is considered for automatically retrieving semantic content from complex outdoor scenes, involving both human behavior and traffic domains. To characterize the dynamic information ...