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  • Coupled analysis of double porosity swelling clays 

    Gens Solé, Antonio; Guimarães, Leonardo do N; Sánchez, Marcelo; Valleján, Beatriz (Springer, 2011)
    Conference report
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    The understanding of the coupled behaviour of highly active swelling clays is better achieved considering two structural levels and their interactions in the context of a double-porosity model. Hydraulic equilibrium between ...
  • Generalized plasticity for geomaterials with double structure 

    Gens Solé, Antonio; Sánchez, Marcelo; Valleján, Beatriz (Centro Internacional de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería (CIMNE), 2011)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The paper presents a double structure constitutive model based on a generalized plasticity formalism. The behaviour of macrostructure, microstructure and their interactions are described. A coupled hydromechanical formulation ...
  • RESEAL II: a large-scale in situ demonstration for repository sealing in an argillaceous host rock: phase II 

    Valleján, Beatriz; Gens Solé, Antonio; Mingarro, M.; García-Gutiérrez, M.; Villar, María Victoria; Plas, F.; Filippi, M.; Touzé, G.; Van Geet, Maarten; Bastiaens, W.; Volckaert, G.; Weetjens, E.; Sillen, X.; Maes, N.; Imbert, Ch.; Billaud, P. (2009)
    External research report
    Open Access
    Final Report