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  • Comparative performance evaluation of IEEE 802.11v for positioning with time of arrival 

    Ciurana Adell, Marc; Barceló Arroyo, Francisco; Martín Escalona, Israel (2011-03)
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    Time of Arrival (TOA) based techniques are expected to overcome performance limitations of existing WLAN positioning approaches. The upcoming IEEE 802.11v standard is expected to play a key role because it will include new ...
  • Impacto del modelo de error en distancia en la simulación de sistemas de localización 

    Guardiola, Salvador; Martín Escalona, Israel; Barceló Arroyo, Francisco; Ciurana Adell, Marc (2010)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    Las redes inalámbricas han favorecido enormemente el interés de los usuarios, proveedores de servicio y operadores de red en el posicionamiento geográfico. Como consecuencia, se han propuesto mecanismos en la mayor parte ...
  • Indoor tracking in WLAN location with TOA measurements 

    Ciurana Adell, Marc; Barceló Arroyo, Francisco; Cugno, Sebastiano (ACM, 2006-10-01)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Authors presented recently an indoor location technique based on Time Of Arrival (TOA) obtained from Round-Trip-Time (RTT) measurements at data link level and trilateration. This new approach uses the existing IEEE 802.11 ...
  • Performance stability of software ToA-based ranging in WLAN 

    Ciurana Adell, Marc; Giustiniano, Domenico; Neira, Albert; Barceló Arroyo, Francisco; Martín Escalona, Israel (2010)
    Conference report
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    This article proposes a set of strategies to improve the performance stability and reliability of purely software ToA-based ranging with off-the-shelf WLAN equipment. Taking as starting point the core design lines proposed ...