Communications, papers and proceedings of conferences organised by the UPC.
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Articles, pre-prints and papers generated in the research activities of UPC's researchers.
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Exàmens Obrir en finestra nova

Exam papers that the UPC professors and units have deposited in the libraries.


Digital books edited and published by UPC units.
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OCW Obrir en finestra nova

Learning materials prepared by UPC professors and students as part of their academic activities.
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Journal articles published by UPC units.
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Doctoral theses defended at the UPC and other universities participating in the cooperative repository Theses and Dissertations Online (TDX).
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Treballs acadèmics

Bachelor's and postgraduate theses by UPC students.
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Videos of presentations, lectures, tutorials and other academic events produced by the UPC.
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Arxiu Gràfic de la ETSAB Obrir en finestra nova

Documents generated from teaching at the Barcelona School of Architecture in the course of its history.

APAC Obrir en finestra nova

Architectural Heritage Archive of Catalonia (APAC) at the Barcelona School of Building Construction.

Arxius visuals UPC Obrir en finestra nova

Images related to teaching and research activity at the UPC from libraries, departments or professors.

LaFarga Obrir en finestra nova

A list of free software projects at the UPC.

Memòria Digital de Catalunya Obrir en finestra nova

Photographs, maps, posters and incunables related to Catalonia and its heritage, from various institutions.