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UPCommons, the website that provides open access to the knowledge of UPC, is formed by the group of open institutional repositories of UPC and its aim is to guarantee the safeguarding of the material produced by lecturers and researchers at the University, to maximise that material’s visibility and, consequently, to increase its impact on education and research worldwide.


If you are a member of UPC and are interested in publishing your work in open access format in any of the repositories of the University Library please contact the service via email Info.Biblioteques@upc.edu


08. Prórroga al aprendizaje de la Arquitectura

Blanqueo de la lana con bisulfito sódico en presencia de laurilsulfato sódico.

Blanqueo de la lana con peróxido de hidrógeno en presencia de enzimas.

Influencia de las variables de hilatura en la estructura fina del poliéster.

Análisis de soportes reforzados sometidos a flexocompresión esviada

Open repositories of UPC


Exàmens UPC
Exàmens que diferents col·lectius de la Universitat (PDI i unitats de la UPC) han fet arribar a les biblioteques. L’accés a aquest dipòsit està restringit a la comunitat acadèmica de la UPC

Llibres UPC [640 documents]
El dipòsit Llibres UPC recull els llibres en format digital editats per les diferents unitats de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya • BarcelonaTech.

Opencourseware [244 documents]
Opencourseware is a repository inspired by the MIT Opencourseware. It is a web-based electronic publishing initiative with the goal to provide free searchable access to UPC’s course materials for educators, students and self-learners and to extend the impact of UPC opencourseware and all the opencoursewares around. The repository grants access to and preservation of the course material from now on.


Academic works UPC [22884 documents]
Academic works collects in digital format the final academic works (final degree projects/works, minor theses, recognition of foreign diplomas tests, etc.) presented by university studies at UPC


E-prints UPC [23514 documents]
E-prints UPC collects documents generated by academics in their research activities. Content is organized around communities which can correspond to departments, research groups or institutes

Revistes i Congressos UPC [13389 documents]
Revistes i Congressos UPC holds full text of e-journals articles and proceedings published by any unit of the UPC (institutes, departments, etc.).

Theses and dissertations Online [2538 documents]
Theses and dissertations Online is a digital cooperative repository of doctoral theses presented at some Spanish universities and managed by the Consortium of University Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC). Universities taking part are responsible for editing and uploading theses and dissertations to the repository.

Altres materials i col·leccions especials

Catalonia's Architectural Heritage Archive (APAC)
The Catalonia's Architectural Heritage Archive (APAC) includes Academic works collects in digital format the final academic works (final degree projects/works) presented by students from the Escola Politècnica Superior d’Edificació de Barcelona (EPSEB-UPC) about graphic and historic buildings from Catalan public institutions.

Graphic Archive of the School of Arquitecture of Barcelona
Graphic Archive of the School of Arquitecture of Barcelona preserves part of the documentation generated through the academic activity of the institution throughout its history. The collection includes both architectural projects and drawings dated from the 19th century and also current academic works

Arxius visuals UPC
Col·lecció de fotografies realitzades per professors, departaments o escoles de la UPC per a donar suport gràfic a l’activitat docent i de recerca.

LaFarga.cpl is a project managing website of UPC open software initiatives. It holds new development projects or offers the possibility of participating in already existing projects. La Farga offers tools to facilitate the tasks of project planning, execution and control

UPC Digital Video Library [2915 documents]
Digital Video Library contains a selection of the available video recordings of the University (academic lessons, conferences, etc.)

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